About - Ronit Peter Art

I have one goal - to bring happiness, colorfulness, sound and life inside homes.

I have one goal - to bring happiness, colorfulness, sound, and life inside homes.
From within myself, I finally understood what I need to do - to create, and indeed when I create my art every day, I feel justified in the right place in the world.

The home must be a power source for the people who live in it, a place to relax and reload your energies.
The wind chimes I create bring happiness and an energetic spirit to every place they are hanged in, this is what every person who bought my wind chimes says. I also feel it myself!

The sounds and colors make people smile, in the middle of the day, just to the gentle sound of the small diving bells.
The wind chimes are unique, special, and feeling like magic in every location: living rooms, bathrooms, patio, in the backyard, or right next to the front door, literally everywhere you want. They are a fantastic combination of harmonic sound, amazing colors, and proper relaxation.

I was born in Ghana, Africa. Since I was a little girl, I had a passion for colorful fabrics. While my friends were playing dolls, I was going through the market to find fabrics and beads - I was enjoying it so much! This product I create now was starting to be built in my head since then.

I've been creating these wind chimes and beaded curtains for about six years now.
It all started with much fabric I had and the passion for creating something that no one has ever done, something special.
While listening to some storytelling of great Rabbi called Nahman, I learned that we must not be the same as everyone, because each and every one of us has his special and unique soul, and each must bring himself out to the world, and contribute his own "color" to the whole society. It was that moment I realize I have to go out on my journey and find my unique color.
I was working a lot in my small workshop at home, creating wind chimes from bells and different pieces of fabric I have collected over the years. I was feeling excitement - happiness!

One day, I was exhausted and hanged a tassel on a nail that had wind chimes on it. I laid to rest, and when I opened my eyes, I suddenly figured out what I'm looking for - my color! I want to make wind chimes with fabric tassels! The wind chime look was so alive and complete that I realized that this is what I want to do forever!

The combination of fabrics and bells are perfect, from my point of view, and it feels me with happiness and a desire to create more.

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